1. Definitions
    • ‘Client’ refers to the individual, business, or corporate entity to which the proposal is made and services are rendered.
    • ‘Company’ means Zaffiro Events Management Company London and, where appropriate, its employees, agents, and representatives.
    • ‘Third Party’ encompasses performers, venues, caterers, or other individuals or entities contracted by the client.
    • ‘Third Party Supplier’ denotes suppliers engaged by the Company to deliver services at the event.
    • ‘Conditions’ refers to the stipulations detailed below, incorporated into the Contract.
    • ‘Contract’ represents the agreement between the Client and the Company as described in the event specification.
    • ‘Event’ indicates the function organized by the Company as outlined in the proposal.
    • ‘Guests’ are the individuals invited by the Client to attend the Event.
    • ‘Price’ denotes the payment owed to the Company by the Client for the Services.
    • ‘Proposal’ is the letter and/or documentation from the Company to the Client detailing the Event, which lists the Services offered by the Company, including the Price.
  2. Pricinga. The initial deposit is non-refundable and indicates the Client’s acceptance of the Proposal. It also confirms the services specified. The remaining balance should clear in the Company’s bank account 21 days before the event unless otherwise stipulated.b. Additional Services not covered in the Proposal must be requested in writing. Payment for these will be due within 14 days of invoicing and before the event date.c. The Company may receive commissions from suppliers where no third-party service fee has been levied and when Zaffiro Events is overseeing a third-party supplier.
  3. Client CancellationIf the Client cancels the Event, a cancellation fee, calculated below based on the entire event specification, is due:
    • More than 60 days: 50%
    • 45-60 days: 75%
    • 28-45 days: 90%
    • Less than 28 days: 100%
    Specification reductions greater than 10% of the total price are considered cancellations and are subject to the terms above.
  4. Company CancellationThe Company can cancel if:a. The Price balance hasn’t been received by the stipulated date.b. External uncontrollable factors, like war or extreme weather, prevent the event.c.-e. Pertaining to Covid-19 restrictions and the related terms.
  5. Power RequirementsThe selected venue is tasked with maintaining a consistent power supply. If the Company supplies generators, they are not liable for uncontrollable power failures.
  6. Company’s Authority at the EventThe Client acknowledges:6.1.1. The Company’s decision is ultimate in safety matters.6.1.2. All safety requests by the Company must be heeded.The Company can ask any disruptive or unsafe Guest to depart, and the Client agrees to this without any refunds or compensations.
  7. Liability for Loss or DamageThe Client is accountable for any loss or damage caused by a Guest or the Client to any facility, vehicle, or equipment provided by the Company for the Event.
  8. Company’s Liability for Damage8.1-8.5 Outlines the liabilities of the Company in various scenarios, including negligence, breach of contract, or other unforeseen situations.